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Peak in sub-genre #13
Remix done for a band called Love Automatic, it was for a contest. Didn't get top 3. Live and let live, keep it movin...
Remix of an Akuma theme.
Inspired by the events happening around the world causing misery, I took some ideas from a game called Forsaken 64 called "Labyrinth" so it all goes hand in hand actually, heh. But yeah I originally had plans for lyrics, still might do it...
Somethin to chill and relax to for any reason or occasion.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Work in progress. I imagine a car chase scene with guns maybe, or even an epic fighting scene in a movie. I've actually decided that this will be part of an album I'm gonna be starting to work on in the near future. All big/breakbeat...
Peak in sub-genre #8 1
Been workin on this since October 1st when I originally had the idea. This is a special Halloween track for everyone to enjoy. Done in c minor with a few interval changes to keep it interesting. Samples from Saw, and Thriller hope you guys enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #17
This is a project for school so no money is bein made from this just pure fun. The project was to remix a track or mashup and since I like the original so much I decided to do a remix while working on vocal mixing.
Peak in sub-genre #16 2
Peak in sub-genre #37
The final version! No more changes are gonna be made to this. A lot of heavy mods were done to this song and hopefully should be accepted to OCR.
Work in progress. This is a drum and bass interpretation of a great piece from Kirby Superstar
Has that 'hard times' feel to it which is what I was goin for.
A rough sketch, mainly done though. Gonna fix the layout and mixing when vocals are mixed in with the song
Peak in sub-genre #12
Had this song sittin in my pile of wip's while I worked on remixes for OCR. But my remixes are now too big for my comp to handle so I moved on to this since it already showed promise, hope yall like. Vocal sample from the original X-Men animated seri
Peak position #78 2
A remix in the works for Overclocked Remix. Not the final name for the remix either but this was the original name that I had for it.
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