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Rhyme For Reason RFR
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Rhyme For Reason - The Crew - www.rfrtc.wordpress.com
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Peak in sub-genre #56
f*** the haters cuz bi***es RFR IS BACK!!
Peak in sub-genre #20
''I'm at the edge of the world....the mirror has two faces..you have shown me one and the other one I can't be...so what should I do?'
just an audio battle!!
Peak in sub-genre #92
got some cool guitar string's in the beginning added with some scratches all over the chorus.. hit me for purchasing this beat with or without scratchin..(10$ lesal) (199$exclusive)..rfrrapid@live.com..
Peak in sub-genre #14 1
souljha boy rhythm with some Rapid mix...contact me for exclusive and lesal rights to this beat..beat is without chorus loops..if u want em..hit me up(rfrrapid@live.com)..plus i got 3 more samples of this beat..hit me if u want ne
Peak in sub-genre #54 2
song fo TSP's girl...but we liked it alot so we did it all togetha...
Peak in sub-genre #62
its just a collab fo the insignia mixtape
Peak in sub-genre #30
just a freestyle...got it up in 45,is no reflection of ma true slf :D...thanx to rapid for mixing n the adlibs...n for the guidence...
my first eva beat.... just and attempt with some hard piano strings..n hard kicks..
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
This song is an inspiration of frustration inside us. This frustration is prevailing in every being but felt by very few... Here muneeb nd brassic made an attempt to pen it down.
Beat By : ShAf-E First / Second Verse : Tupac 3rd Verse : Open
Peak in sub-genre #72
Here it is now. RFR back in the town bi***es.
Peak in sub-genre #68
Erotic song:P
Peak in sub-genre #63
jus a gangsta track
audio battle up thea in DR against smokey - shahal spitted - here it is ....!
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