Mongo and The Pawns Of Life
Rock Raleigh, NC  USA
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One man band doing mostly original Blues Rock, Country Blues and Comedy songs. Some older Rock covers from when I was very early into the learning process.
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Peak in sub-genre #28 1
This is another version of a previously uploaded song. I changed quite a few of the lyrics to make them fit, hopefully. I also did a full mix-down to sort of a bit of finishing polish.
Peak in sub-genre #24 1
This is a test track for a song I wrote called, "She Dances With Ghosts". There are changes coming down the pike for this song. It doesn't fit lyrically in a few spots and the bridge seems backwards. The overall sound will remain intact, though.
Peak in sub-genre #37
A couple plug-ins suggested by friends to try on the mix.
It picks up the energy pace at about 1:20, so fast forward if you need to.
Peak position #67
This is probably a 4th or 5th attempt at doing this song. Once a year or so, if only to apply new and/or improved skills.
1 minute of a combination of real and virtual Instruments playing a bit of a familiar tune. This bit has no effects going on in the master output track.
1 minute of a combination of real and virtual Instruments playing a bit of a familiar tune. This bit has some minor effects going on in the master output track.
A track of My Street without the lead fill guitar and vocals.
Peak position #83
My first ever original song. Many thanks to the Battleaxe and Boxboy
Peak position #66
Bad noise through my USB functionality. Timeline is below in story behind the song section.
testing a guitar tone issue. Notice the chorusey, vibration like aspect of this tone.
Peak position #18
Testing new resonator, this time with a mic'd signal
Peak position #31
Testing out new resonator. This one is recorded via the mini humbucker.
Peak position #73
Some samplings. the first couple model a Mesa-boogie, the "bridge" bit models a good 'ol Plexi and the Z-top trilogy of ear pain uses a '65 Fender Super Reverb model.
Peak in sub-genre #20
My first sample using my new eleven Rack. All tracks are stock factory presets. Only minor editing done from within the Pro Tools 10 software. Instrumental in the spirit of Pink Floyd. Skip ahead about a minute at a time if you get bored. It's slow
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