Lizzi Jill Honeyrose Heydemann
Acoustic Chicago, IL  USA
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inspired Jewish music
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Great gospel tune, as applied to a line from Torah ("Build me a sanctuary and I will dwell within you," and as applied to Shir HaMa'alot.
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Psalm 95: 'Come, let us sing to the Indescribable Source of stability and hope. Let us greet Her with thanksgiving and songs full of praise.' It's the first psalm in Kabbalat shabbat.
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This is a line from Psalm 96, davened (prayed) in the Kabbalat Shabbat service. The psalm is commonly referred to as 'Shiru L'Adonai,' or 'All ya'll, sing to God!'
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This is a line from the Torah, 'And the Children of Israel will keep the Sabbath,' Ex 31:16.
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This is a love song to the Holy One, who we envision on Shabbat as a bride.
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This song is Marcia Falk's poetic reworking of the Jewish blessing for sanctifying the present moment, the Shehechiyanu ('The One who enlivens us').
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'Great Mystery, open my lips and my mouth will sing Your praise.' These words, taken from the siddur (Jewish prayerbook), are traditionally said right before going into silent prayer.
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This is the IKAR davening team at our improvisational finest, setting the opening prayer of Psukei D'Zimra, morning prayers of song, to Hillel Tigay's "Baruch HaMakom." (Check out to purchase an IKAR CD with more Tigay originals!)
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"Through living waters, she will live." I wracked my brains to think of a song for a mikvah ritual for a close friend. There are none. So I came up with this in the car-ride.
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