Stripey Howling Hancock
Acoustic Exeter, United Kingdom
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Peak in sub-genre #53
Peak position #79
Instru-mental guitar solo, created to keep my fingers from siezing up and my brain vitrifying.
Peak in sub-genre #92
Acoustic instrumental.
Peak in sub-genre #40
Anonymous composers but my interpretation of the songs
Peak in sub-genre #79
A song wot I wrote (A tune wot I drew the pictures to)
Peak in sub-genre #62
An Old English folk song
Peak in sub-genre #23
I made this, enjoy
An Traditional Irish folk song
My song about a wonderful man who cures guitar ailments, a lovely man you'd like to take home to meet your parents.
Another lickle toon wot I wrote
Peak in sub-genre #62
Song wot I wrote while busking outside Boston Tea Party in Exeter
All about being moved on in Sidmouth, they shoot busker's in Sidmouth
Peak in sub-genre #54
Old Blues number souped up by me. You'll love it..
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