Renee Hobson
Acoustic USA
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My first original song in which I've added a bass part. The bass is a Kala Ubass.
Done as a songwriting exercise, SSG Y14W34, write about any topic of your choice, in any style. The only stipulation is that the song have two or three verses and that each verse should start with the same line.
Done as a songwriting exercise, SSG Y14,W17. Fill in the blank: "One eye on the..."
Done as a songwriting exercise, Y14W13. Use "if" as the first word of a song title.
Done as a songwriting exercise, Y14W7. The song could be about anything, but use only 4 chords: A, F#m, E, and D. Use embellishments on these chords.
It's about feeling sad and confused by what someone has become. Done as a songwriting exercise, Y14W4. Instructions were to use "Nobody's Waiting" as the first line. I didn't quite follow instructions.
Done as a songwriting exercise, SSG Y13W52. The topic is farewells. Revised based on suggestions at the songwriting forum. Also added some chords between verse and chorus for a smoother transition.
This is a revised version with a totally different tune. I used the original tune for "The Last Time You Lied to Me." It seemed to be a better fit.
A songwriting exercise: SSG Y13W33. Use one of these lines or something similar: "I never did like that much" or "But I never did like it all that much." It's about slowing down, not multitasking, and paying attention to the people around us
Done as a song writing exercise. Sunday Songwriters Group, Year 13, Week 31. Fill in the blanks for your title" ....doesn't....the
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