John Sheehan
Acoustic Ringwood, NJ  USA
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On the Northeastern folk circuit, guitarist John Sheehan established himself as an independent thinker and a rugged individualist who championed the finger-styl
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'Land rush', a banjo instrumental is used to open and close Dave Bryce's ’Rural Delivery' show on 88 Country in Christchurch New Zealand every Sunday evening.
A result of a few long hard winters and longing for April/May fishing
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performed on a Martin D-16 with scalloped bracing open Bbminor tuning: F-Bb-Db-F-Bb-F These days I play it in Open Am :E-A-C-E-A-E Influenced by a Montoya recording I had been listening to.It has a weird Spanish/bluesy flavor.
This song has been used in a TV and Cinema ad for Sky Digital in the UK and Ireland. Three finger style with picks Martin 1991 D-16 with scalloped bracing lead,up front in the mix Washburn 12 string, rhythm, way back in the mix.
Guitars used; Washburn 12 string tuned to open 'C',1966 Fender slide Open C:low to high CGCGCE
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