Per Lichtman
Electronic Pasadena, CA  USA
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Per Lichtman
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A single person using a blend of orchestral, world, psychoacoustic and synthetic textures.
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Album: Liquid (Pre-Release Demos) Peak position #1 2 1
The SoundClick #1 Hit. Awakening in the middle east, during the night, searching for water. Nearby voices enchant, but the water is not here.
Album: Escalation (Single) Peak in sub-genre #27
Album: Liquid (Pre-Release Demos) Peak in sub-genre #45 1 1
Orchestra, synthesizers and a mixture of acoustic and techno percussion depict the journey of molten magma as pressure builds and it bursts through the Earth's crust.
Album: Liquid (Pre-Release Demos) Peak in sub-genre #1 3
#1 Hit on the SoundClick Techno chart. Beneath the moonlight, the spirits of the forest grow tense as the ominous clouds carry dark omens. A flurry of activity ensues as the spirits seek to escape the 'Demon Rain'.
Album: Liquid (Pre-Release Demos) Peak position #76 4 1
#1 hit on the SoundClick Tribal chart. Pulsing tribal beats: Wails, are joined by the wordless of a singular violin while most are reshaped the unceasing sound of the pumping oil.
Peak position #1 3 1
Another #1 Hit. Per's beats meet Kati's lyrics and vocals in this classic from 2005 as they ask the question 'Are You Gonna Win?'
This is just a patch test for Omnisphere done for the KVR community. It is not a song.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Not a song. Just Omnisphere patch tests for the forum community. In order: Ashes, Steel Vibes Drying Rack, Bowing the Temple, Burning Piano
Well this demo, like any others I have time to whip up with my schedule, doesn't really show off the power of Omnisphere. But a lot of people asked for isolated filter tests so I stuck them in here with a drum loop, starting with none then LPs top to
This uses the same pattern/loop as the last test but this time emphasizes the oscillator options instead of the filter. The entire test is done with a single layer of 'synth' oscillators as opposed to sampled ones. Most of the availble parameters in
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