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Acoustic Hamilton, Canada
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roger john
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The thinker in Bedlam but hes still in bedlam.
Peak in sub-genre #1 15 14
Slightly updated and Canadianized version of the great anti war song written by Richie Havens.
Peak position #14 17 17
State of affairs in the world
Peak position #19 10 10
Peak position #10 34 31
Words and songs ...nothing to add but this song
Peak position #15 27 24
The re-writing of Historical fact by the Texas school board is disturbing. Placing oneself on the side of McCarthyism is even more so. Denial of what happened in Katrina and whats happening to our planet is even more dangerous.
Peak position #13 22 20
Hallowe'en Song
Peak in sub-genre #6 34 29
One year of water left there.
Peak position #3 24 20
This is a political song, which I think cleary states the problem.
Peak position #48 19 18
Protest song about the current state of affAairs at the white house
Peak position #42 20 19
Is man forever caught in the trap of war upon war?
Peak in sub-genre #1 18 13
Not originalyl a Blues song, Maybe written by Bob Dylan in the early 60's , though defintely he performed it.
Peak position #5 34 28
The world needs a new course.
Peak position #67 25 24
While trump plays good on the TV set he is no revolutionary as some of his followers may believe at least in my mind. Hes really only out for himself. Scary thing is he could actually be president. Hes also would become a Despot once elected.
Peak position #30 14 13
An old old folksong
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