lauryl laureth
Electronic Baltimore, MD  USA
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Music has no bounds in the imagination. It depends on the person who creates it.
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A different approach to this track this time.
Peak in sub-genre #8
A follow up to "UHD".
Peak in sub-genre #16
House or dance? Don't know really, you decide!
Peak position #81
A laidback style for the cold weather!
Peak position #93
Deep house or Lounge? Couldn't decide which was which in this case.
Peak position #28
Upbeat, driven and fast pace! This is the second version.
Peak position #61
A House song with elements of Deep House.
Peak position #55
A euro dance track I have been trying to get out of my head.
Peak position #45
More laidback style for this one. I kept this short for a remix version later.
Peak position #44
Deep and almost compress. You can feel the bass drum!
Peak position #50
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