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Guitar/creator/Mix/arrangement: THP Drums: Sleeker Bass: Musobass Vocals:Tricia41 Lyrics: Johnny BrainChild (vs1) Child, your time is coming soon And you must learn to fly Have I made a lead balloon Or, you will own the skies? (vs2) You are un-lik
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All I Do Is Cry Vocals: Tricia Dovidio Lyrics: Paul Dempsey Guitar: Billy Playle Bass: Dwayne Vincent Composed by Steffen Offermann & Tricia Dovidio Arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann
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Lyrics by Tricia and Sarah Lead Vocals by Tricia Backing Vocals by Sarah Acoustic guitar: Sarah Electric guitar: Cyclone Electric guitar and lead: Mickbritt55 Piano: Sarah Organ: Sarah Bass: Musobass Drums: Jwoo10 Mixing: Mickbritt55
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Music- C. Fantastique Lyrics- J. Freed (minor additions by Tricia) Melody- Tricia Dovidio
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Emmanuel Negreanu - music, Paul Dempsey-lyrics, Tricia Dovidio- vocal melody/lyric arrangement
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Paulo Gomes of Portugal arranged and played instruments. Guitar by Torben Kristensen
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Music: Steffen Offermann & Tricia Dovidio Lyrics: Tricia Dovidio & Stephen Kerry Vocals: Tricia Dovidio Drums: Steve Gardner Bass: Stephen Murphy Piano & Synthesizer: Steffen Offermann Arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann
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lyrics- Bob Beckley, music/melody- Steffen Offermann.
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an online collaboration: music written by Marc Traynor, lyrics written by Catherine wong and Tricia Dovidio, lead guitars by Henry Mittnacht, rhythm guitars by Dwayne Vincent, drums by Smurf, mixing by Mark Morgan Shaw
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Based on Mario Brothers Katherine Wong (Casia) - Lyrics E-man - Original Composition and keys Tricia Dovidio - Vocal and melody John Wooton - Drums Andy Gupta - Bass Lynchme - Guitar Adam Kirby - Mix Master
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