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I'm a solo gospel/positive rap artist who has written over 800 songs.born in Manhattan,NY.and raised in Brownsville,Brooklyn,NY.This is Michael Deshawn Key A.K.
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This song is about keeping your head up and changing your life for the better.
Song is telling you how to trust God.
This song is about how I grew up as a kid in brownsville,Brooklyn,NY.
This song is talking about gangsta rap and how it's potrayed.
This song is dedicated to all the poor people in the world.
This song is for all the rappers who are using there brains for the wrong reasons.
This song is for all the people who want to be successful in life.
This song was made because the devil comes to christians in dreams.
This song was made for rappers who believe they are the truth when really they not.
This song is dedicated to my wife.
This song is a personal prayer to God.
This song is about how lyrical I can get on the positive tip.
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