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Louis Lam
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Singapore Blues, Electric Blues, Acoustic Blues, West Coast Blues, Chicago Blues, Blues Jam, Harmonica Blues, Roots, Funk, Upright Bass and Electric Bass
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Sound Samples of my Epiphone Valve Junior. Harp=Hohner270, Mic=Superlux D112, Outboard=Artec SE-PEQ
Peak in sub-genre #53
Sound Samples of my Epiphone Valve Jr Amp. Harp=Hohner 270, Mic=Shure 545SD. Note: This is the sound of the Hohner 270 played through the Shure545SD direcly to the amp.
Sound Sample of my Epiphone Valve Junior Amp. Harp=Hohner 270, Mic=Superlux, Outboard Effect=Artec Parametric SE-PEQ. Note: The Valve Jr does not have any eq. I'm using the parametric EQ to cut away the offending high frequencies and then raise th
Sound Sample of my epiphone valve jr amp. Harp=Hohner 270, Mic=Superlux D112
Peak position #28 1
Sound Clip of my Epiphone Valve Jr amp. Recorded with a Zoom H2. Harp=Seydel 1847. Mic=Shure 545SD
Peak position #84
Sound Samples of my Epiphone Valve Junior amp. Recorded with a Zoom H2. Harp=Marine Band, Mic=Shure545SD
Peak position #24
Sound Samples recorded with a Zoom H2 of my Epiphone Valve Junior. Harp=Hohner Blues Harp (with Big River Covers) Mic=Shure 545SD
Peak in sub-genre #45
This is a song that I recorded back in 2004. I just started on recording my own composition back then.
Peak in sub-genre #74
This is something I recorded back in '04. At that time I just started recording whatever came to my mind on the computer.
This is again one of those I recorded back in '04. Yeah...at that time i just started exploring DAWs and just wanted to do some digital recording. This is the result of my first experiment
Peak in sub-genre #28
A Cover of George 'Harmonica' Smith's Early One Monday Morning. With a straight shuffle beat
Peak in sub-genre #13
Willie Dixon's Hoochie Coochie Man
A shuffle Jam in E. Acoustic Trio
Peak in sub-genre #14
Peak in sub-genre #31
Cover of Jimmy Reed's Big Boss Man
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