Greymantle Poets
Rock Claremore, OK  USA
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Fantasy-themed rock ballads and anthems
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Peak in sub-genre #19
Symphonic metal styled ballad, with sojourner we are so wont to do.
Peak position #46
A song that's steampunk in ambiance and allusion more than anything else. Love the eerie open sound of a city deserted after dark--and the idea of keeping faith with passing trains someday you'll be somewhere new...
Peak in sub-genre #9
autumnal ballad of a traveler going "through the wastes and wood"
Peak in sub-genre #32
Full recording of Momentous taken from the poetry of John, chapter one, about the coming of Jesus.
Peak position #78 1 1
fun ballad in tribute to an odd romance: Queen Irene and Eugenides, Thief for her rival. This one is acoustic, stripped down, and happy despite all odds. (Kind of like the story itself.)
Peak in sub-genre #20 1 1
hope in the desert--favorite rock ballad so far
Peak in sub-genre #9
Gen&Attolia: Fan anthem for the Queen's Thief series, particularly Queen of Attolia
Peak in sub-genre #12
a bit of fun rock--ratings pending for subway grunge and fantasy references...
Peak in sub-genre #39
Eerie sound and ambiguous meaning were the goal with this song, one of the first for our urban fantasy themed project.
Album: The Dark Before Hope Peak in sub-genre #67
Tolkien's theme poem for the quest, set to music
Album: The Dark Before Hope Peak in sub-genre #32
The fading of Lorien--one of the saddest elements of Tolkien's saga, for me.
Album: The Dark Before Hope Peak in sub-genre #63 1 1
Gandalf speaking to his friends left in Middle-Earth--a song of hope after parting.
Album: The Dark Before Hope Peak in sub-genre #14 1 1
An eerie chant, setting the Ents' battle cries as they prepare to unleash the wrath of the forest on Saruman
Album: The Dark Before Hope Peak in sub-genre #61
The very quiet love story of Sam and Rosie is one of solid trust, of simplicity and homey joy. I imagine that just as Sam's hopes to make a life with Rosie sustained him at the very end, she was standing up to the infiltrating of the Shire and hopin
Album: The Dark Before Hope Peak in sub-genre #33
An anthem for little people and normal characters in extreme situations.
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