Gentle borrower
Electronic Australia
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Songs written on acoustic guitar and remixed in Live. Beautiful vocals from Honey Jo.
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Peak in sub-genre #9
Continuing the fascination with the aeolian harp, this is the acapella recorded over the wires remixed with other aeolian harp samples and some MIDI drums.
Peak in sub-genre #27
This was an experiment in using the aeolian harp like a reverb. The ambient noise makes a good accompaniment to the tune methinks.
Peak in sub-genre #88
Peak in sub-genre #65
Peak in sub-genre #83
Starts near the end.
Starts at second chorus
Acapella from my song Gentle borrower for non-commercial remixing
Peak in sub-genre #6
Here's the track as it was sent to RPM. The mix and mastering still need a bit of work. Help yourself and send your result to sauce at basslingdotcom
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