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Kaael, the singer. On this page, mostly Chris Martin's songs.
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Peak in sub-genre #28
Slow love song on a rock waltz beat. Second song Chris wrote with Pierre Djada Lacroix in 1993. Recorded in 2001.
Song composed for an audiobook/audio-drama project.
A song Chris wrote with Pierre Djada Lacroix, a friend of his.
Three different beats on that one. 'I guess I needed to be in love. And you're the one I fell in love with...'
Peak in sub-genre #28
Chris had a lot of fun with that one. The lyrics are so weird...
Peak in sub-genre #83
A slow one. Piano, strings and a little fuzz guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #85
Story of an evening out, in French, on a Club Pop beat. Tempo 117. Accordion tune between verses.
Peak position #58
One of Chris' love songs on a bossa nova beat.
Slow pop rock beat. 'Pourquoi la fleur-lumière se fait-elle si rare? I can't see a thing right now, But the darkness of my emptyness...'
Peak in sub-genre #75
Love song on a fast tempo. In English and in French.
A song inspired by an artist-friend of Chris. A real gentleman. 'He's a man of integrity. He's a man of sincerity.'
Peak in sub-genre #83
The story of a child afraid of being abandoned. A song of the '80s recorded on a trance beat in 2001.
Orchestration: Pierre Martin -- in French. Inspired by a photo of a girl dancing ballet on a mountain top.
Solid rock beat - 'Baby you're a rich man (He's a lover). Do you know who I am? (He's a lover)'
Peak in sub-genre #19
Here's an old song (1985), redone in 2002. Recorded once as a country song, now on a slow folk latin beat.
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