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Classical Newport, Canada
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#41 (Sub-genre)
Peak in sub-genre #21
Theme music for an audio-drama in French to be found at:
Peak position #87
Piece of the symphony inspired by members of my family. This one was by mom. Thanks mom, for everything.
Peak in sub-genre #26
Piece of music inspired by my brother, composed as one piece of a project to put my family in music.
Peak in sub-genre #25
Here's a little piece inspired by a scene from Anne McCaffrey's book 'Dragonsong'. Menolly lives in a cave with her firelizards. One day, while she's outside, thread takes her by surprise. And she runs until she's saved by a dragonrider.
Music written in July 2008 for Andre Borie's 'Agent de l'O.M.U.', an audiobook in preproduction. --- Picture by Dimitri Rastorgoueff (copyright 2006).
Peak in sub-genre #11
A classical work for choir and orchestra.
Peak in sub-genre #60
One theme, different tempos and instruments.
Peak in sub-genre #32
The title explains it all :-).
Little piece of music written in may 2008 for a free audiobook - Zola's 'L'Attaque du moulin' - to appear at --- photo: © Phil Elton ('Lost In Time' - used with permission)
Peak in sub-genre #9
A one-theme little piece, played first by the the wind instruments, then by the strings of the chamber orchestra and then...
Album: Perry Rhodan: Opération Astrée - La Symphonie Peak position #8 1
This is the first part of the little symphony I wrote, inspired by the very first Perry Rhodan story: Unternehmen Stardust (Opératon Astrée). In this first part, General Pounder arrives at the Nevada Field bunker, where he sees Stardust through a vid
Here's the second part of my Perry Rhodan symphony. General Pounder worries.
Album: Perry Rhodan: Opération Astrée - La Symphonie Peak in sub-genre #70 1
Part 3 of the Perry Rhodan Symphony. General Pounder talks to the newspaper men, explaining the mission, revealing the crew members.
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