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Inspired by the beaches of Costa Rica, Barcelona nights, proverbial and literal mountain tops, eastern and western philosophies, introspection, dreams of equali
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Song created playing with textures more than tones. Loop this one on a long cruise in your ride.
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This is my first attempt at remixing another artist's music, I only had access to regular album versions in doing this. I Hope all fans support John and buy his upcoming album release 'The Empyrean' on Jan 20th.
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A song about dependence on someone or something and the fear of losing 'it'. An electronic/alternative/rock song done with layers of dub delays.
Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #1 7 1
Did your star run away chasing a far away night?
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A celebration of life's beauty as seen in the colors of the sky, earth, heavens and even the human elements of survival and imagination. This song is my interpretation of painting in impressionistic and post-impressionistic through sounds palette.
Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #4 3 1
Anti-materialism theme done through funky decadent rhythm and guitar driven sounds.
Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #17 4 3
Strong bass and drums start slow and methodically then progress and crescendo up to match the driving guitar and tempo climax that emerges to hammer down hard and fit the desperate warning found in the message of the beggar's tale. Play it Loud!
Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #58 6
Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #88 6
Hip hop soul, folk style.
Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #1 6
Right now there is a beautiful girl on a pristine Costa Rica beach watching the sunset. Where are you?
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Album: Infinit Blue Peak position #60 6
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