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Westcoastish beat with a yet-to-be-mastered verse from Steve.. Anyone interested to add to it feel free and let me know. Should be on topic though... :)
My latest, trippy Synthesizer over hard drums. Love it!
Samples the "Mayakkam Enna" Theme... Very beautiful piano and violin song with some flute...
And here is the 'Cool' beat with vocals. Enjoy!
Great beat! Some help from Nep Sound made this synth track perfect.
Upbeat dance track with IG and Twizzy-Bo rapping in Rwandan, French, English and Swahili... Special thanks to Suryan.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Techno song based on a Basshunter song. 145BPM..
Steve and Edzard rapping on this, great track...
Here's just the instrumental to 'Life'... Simply beautiful! Inspiration come from a Bushido track.
A bit faster, strong kick and a mix of synthesizers with a viola... Sounds aggressive!
Steve and Edzard teach you how to survive the jungle.
great piano loop, upbeat, and overall quite catchy... Something is still missing for me, but I'll put it up anyway.
Very happy little tune, just a bass and a few different synthesizers... :)
Only did about 10% of this track, plus mixing and mastering. Main credit to Benny Bessi for this great piano track.
Great drums, mostly Indian tabla's.. Beautiful strings to go with it.
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