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Goregrindy embalm song
Peak position #18
new embalm song
Nothing too original, in fact it's rather unfortunately derivative. But, at least it's something. And the tone ain't too bad I think, pretty big sound for just two guitars. Eh.
Peak position #9 1
New ideas, hopefully will become a full song in the near future.
Peak position #21
Just getting it up there for certain people to hear... obvious this needs a bit of fleshing out.
Peak position #19 1
Just some ideas. Structure is, eh, lacking. But it's there. I might incorporate some of these into a proper son, but as it is, well, it is what it is.
Peak position #32 1
Song 2 from the Embalm 2010 demo.
Peak position #35 1
Song 1 from the upcoming Embalm EP. Japanese/American hybrid death grind FTW!!
Peak position #7 1
Kinda my first attempt at a bona fide sludge song. Didn't really know what I was doing here, but I wrote some sludgy riffs and misanthropic lyrics and there you go.
Peak position #12
Some grindcore... needs bass and vocals. Guitar tones are an Axe-FX patch consisting of a Mesa Mark IIC and a boosted Soldano SLO. The guitar is a WG-587 with a BKP Cold Sweat in the bridge, tuned 7-string standard.
Peak position #8 1
Some thrash that turns to Ulver-style black metal... fun to make. I might do vocals/and or refine it later... enjoy!
Peak position #20 1
Sometimes you just pick up your guitar and riffs present themselves... that's what happened here. Nothing special but it's kinda fun. Three tracks, Axe-FX with VH4 and Mark IIC sims.
Peak position #96
Mostly just a test trying to get my drums tweaked to perfection but this also has some pretty fun grooves in it.
Peak in sub-genre #8
Peak in sub-genre #5
Not the final version for sure but I just wanted to try my own take. Unfortunately it sucks because (a) I'm out of practice and (b) my vocal recording equipment consists of an SM-57 with a sock held over it as a pop filter. Oh well, still fun!
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