Norman Davies
Alternative County Durham, United Kingdom
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norman davies
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A soundscape of the big picture. As silent as the sun.
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Peak position #61 2
A quite funny composition of soundbites and music.
Peak position #4 4
A straight to recorder via reverb unit bluesy instrumental ditty.
Peak in sub-genre #53 2
4 track blend on a 1 theme riff
Peak in sub-genre #23 2
A montage with an electro acustic performance.
Peak position #93 2
Probably only a basis for further developement
Peak in sub-genre #33 2
Instrumental rip-roaring blast that happened fast.
Peak position #50 2
An audio montage that tells a bit of a story
Peak position #1 6
An epic 17min montage with guitars and conspiracy theory - the lot.
Peak position #1 3
A Jon Harflett Poetic song as electronica
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