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I'm a guitar player from Portugal, who likes to improvise solos in the genres of blues, jazz, funk, rock, metal... I love to jam and play with other musicians,
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Peak position #100
Melodic ballad over a backing track
#75 (Sub-genre) 3 3
Improviso de blues sobre uma backing track que sugere o Since I've Been Loving You dos Led Zeppelin
Peak in sub-genre #29
blues jamming with a '78 fender strat
Peak position #41 1
jamming over a youtube backing track
Peak position #66 2 2
New version of a jam over a great Brenny Jewell tune
Peak position #18 2 2
an attempt to achieve Mark Knopfler style on Fade to Black
Peak position #95
jamming over s Robert Cray style backtrack
Peak position #19
Another tone test using a fender strat with Axe-Fx processor
Peak position #11 7 7
Axe-Fx guitar processor testing....
Peak position #36 9 9
Peak position #6 4 5
Peak position #16 18 18
Theme for the SoundClick's Coconuts Blues Club January Challenge
Peak position #44 8 5
Peak position #42 3 3
soloing over a backing track from David Wallimann
Peak position #3 23 23
Did this tune for the "Time Travel" CBC Music Challenge by pouring some guitar lines over this beautiful Althrax backing track
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