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Peak in sub-genre #33
The church in the book of Acts looks a lot different that the church today, We need to get back to our roots an get back to authentic organic christian living.
Peak in sub-genre #31 1
Visitor, church,do we acknowledge those among us and reach out to lem withGods love
Peak in sub-genre #40 2 1
Him published in the 1860's
Peak in sub-genre #30 1
If we could only see people through the eyes of Jesus
Peak in sub-genre #37 2 2
Song of surrender
Peak in sub-genre #21 4 3
When Jesus told his discipels that there was no greater love the word in the greek is the word, 'Agape' this word can't be found in koinia or classical Greek. The Love Jesus brought to this worrld could not be contained in any of the existing words.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Jesus said ' you must pick up your cross and follow me.'
Peak in sub-genre #66
A call for the church to make a stand
Peak in sub-genre #13 2 1
The mountains rivers and valleys have a beauty that stays with you long after you leave.
Peak in sub-genre #43 2 1
Church today doesn't quite look like it did back then.
Peak in sub-genre #43 3 2
In 33 Ad at the age of 33 a young man (Jesus) was taken through a trial
Peak in sub-genre #37 2 2
For 30 coins of silver the most peaceful man who ever walked the earth was betrayed. About $52.56 todays money sent Jesus to the cross.
Peak in sub-genre #52 1 1
Jesus was a man who's very life divides history in half. His death shocked his small band of followers but three day latter he conquered death and the grave.
Peak in sub-genre #31 4 1
This song is about a man who gives his life away to share God's love with a dying world
Peak in sub-genre #42 2
this song is about a young Scotsman named Peter who was rich in this worlds goods only to loose it all, but he then found the greatest treasure a man can find. His life has never been the same.
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