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Comedy Edina, MN  USA
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Comedy, parody
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WoW Transmogrification - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's downright strange! This is about the latter. Cameos from Tak, Mad Mike, Letomi, and the entire crowd from the 2013 MarsCon Dementia Fan Showcase!
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After the plights of Below Average Dave, Peter Coffin, and yes, even a Weird Al incident in 2006, it seems to me like the music industry is trying to roll back the clock on the landmark 2 Live Crew case! I SAY THEE NAY!! Parody *is* Fair Use!
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A little song about the final day of the Renaissance Festival. Recorded live at the 2009 Minnesota Renaissance Festival 10/4/09. Features Connor Reed on bodhran and All-Powerful Nateboi with crowd enthusiasm.
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Dance-filk about the 1980s science fiction classic "V"
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Sick of incorrect "spoiler" info? So am I!
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