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Europica: Bassplayer and composer.
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#54 (Main)
A Flute and drone version of a tune I wrote in 2008. Moi on Flute and a sample of the Tampura drone.
#8 (Sub-genre)
A slow meditative piece. Calming, peaceful and relaxing
Peak position #51 1 1
Tabla rhythms, bansuri flute and violin, with a pad underneath it all. Done with a synth called Garritan World Instruments.
Peak position #8 3 2
The Bansuri, a haunting Indian flute and the Sarangi playing a duet. With a sitar solo in the breakdown. Lots of tabla and other eastern percussion, and a modern synth pad for some contrast.
#21 (Sub-genre) 3 3
Miche Fambro: Vocals, Guitars, Production. Laurie Holden: Sax. Fred E Jam: Drums. Myself on Bass, Piano & Lyrics.
#29 (Sub-genre) 4 2
A cool piece of foot tapping Jazz. Dennis Wieand:Trumpet and organ. Billy Playle:Guitars and Drum programing. Europica:Bass guitar.
Peak position #23 2 1
This is a four way collaboration. William Hammond organ and Synth, Dan Rhythm and Lead Guitars. Rik King Rhythm Guitar and myself on Bass and Drum programing.
Peak position #66 1
This track features Tony on rhythm guitar who I met online at The F-Jam Collaboration Studio.
Peak position #22 1
Chillout reggae with a haunting trumpet sound.
Peak position #48 1
A whoozie bass with trumpet and flute patches, synths, piano bits and a nice snare. Guitar:Rik King.
Peak position #69 1
Vocals and guitar: Jason Didner Trumpet: Ed Drury Bass and Drum editing: Peter Romanowski
Peak position #72 1 2
Upbeat reggae song about Peace, Love and Hope. Jason Didner: Vocals, Guitars and keyboards. Fred E Jam: Drums and Congas Myself on Bass.
Peak position #29 1
A chilled out happy vibe! Rik King:Guitar
Peak position #59 1
Chillout reggae
Peak position #66 1
More chillout vibes going on here.
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