Tonda Lawrence
Podcasts Atlanta, USA
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Solo artist with a lyrical style of music.
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#35 (Sub-genre)
This is a reminder to me of how good God is even when we fail to do the right thing before His eyes. He knows we are fragile and fall down, but is loving and able to lift us up because He cares that much!
Peak in sub-genre #26
Song about a college student and their first semester and getting off to a good start.
Peak in sub-genre #37
Song about a person's journey through life who realizes the futility of living without Jesus
Peak position #78
This song is a reflective meditation on the awesome love and goodness of God. It conveys some of the depth of that love and how effective it is on one's life.
Peak position #91
Talks about healing or miracles and what they mean
Peak position #34
The scriptures about healing are vocalized with music in the background
Peak position #40
Vocalization of the healing sciptures of the Bible
Peak position #25
vocalization of the healing sciptures of the Bible
Peak position #95
vocalization of the healing sciptures in the Bible
Peak position #76
Using upbeat music to bring out the message of Psalm 33 & 34. These are powerful psalms and what they convey is worth shouting about and dancing to
Peak position #80
A vocal presentation detailing events in a battle between good and evil.
This dance music is a throw back to the 80's style.
Peak in sub-genre #61
Piano melody
Peak position #86
A deep meditative instrumental version of song Deep Within. The intent is to meditative on everything God is to you.
Instrumental song with a title that is meant to stir a need to put lives in all circumstances in God just as He would like.
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