Gutpile Plexi
Rock Portage, MI  USA
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Recorded in George's living room... Rob on bass, Fido on drums, and me on guitar. Mixed by George Metropoulos... 10000 series PlexiReplica... Pics can be seen at
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Added a touch or reverb, delay, and eq from the previous version... Metro JTM45/100, Metro 'B' cab (G12M 20w Heritage Celestions), '78 LP Custom, Cascade Fathead Mic, Presonus Firebox, and Reaper Software... 12/29/08
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Recorded w/Metro JTM45/100, '78 LP Custom with t-tops. cab is Metro B-Cab w/20w G12M Heritage Celestions... mic is Cascade Fathead
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Recorded @ Metropoulos Amplification, mixed by George... Rough Mix, George & I in opposite speakers... Fido on Drums!
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Recorded @ Metropoulos Amplification... Mixed by George! 68 Spec with a Les Paul!!
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