Homoerectus (AUS)
Rock MEREWETHER, Australia
Thank you!
I played 3 guitars and bass. Sam French on piano and vocals. Mike Dennis percussion.
#75 today (Sub-genre)
I play guitars and bass. Gerard Hampton vocals. Terry Simons keyboards. Richard Foster drums.
#55 today (Sub-genre)
Cover of the Aussie rock classic by a collaboration of internet musos and singers. I play guitars, bass and keyboards. Josh Simmons on vocals & Chris Taylor drums,
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Joe Stanely does great vocals. I play everything else.
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Adam Brown on vocals. I played everything else. Fender Strat guitar into a Mesa 5:50 amp. Fender Jazz bass & Markbass cmd 102p
Joel Thompson on vocals with Jules and Sarah. Rob on drums. Joe on didgeridoo. I play bass, guitars and synth
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Steve Lewis does a great vocal track. I play everything else. Gibson SG and Gretsch Jet guitars used just like Angus & Malcolm Young :)
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Great vocals from Rob Henson. I play everything else :)
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