Frank Coffey
Pop Plano, TX  USA
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Peak position #18 2
Guy trying to let girl know she should not confuse lust with love. Robert Plant sound.
Peak position #89 2
Thinking about things you can’t say out loud and can only dream about.
Peak position #91
Acoustic guitar ballad, about woman with magic attraction.
Peak position #79 1 1
Ballad about when it's time to end the date but you don't want to.
Peak in sub-genre #46
Beat ballad. How is love like your favorite blue jeans ? This would be a perfect soundtrack for a jean commercial LOL !
Peak position #66 1
Fun pop song about odd couple scary looking girl with GQ dude and how their worlds collide.
Peak in sub-genre #97
What do you say when the woman is the one who loves them and leaves them ?
Peak in sub-genre #100
Lush ballad. Song about a young woman who looks innocent but knows exactly what she’s doing.
Peak in sub-genre #81
Piano ballad, about guy listening to 'their song' on the one record she didn't steal.
Peak in sub-genre #47 1
Can't fool me girl I know what you're thinking and why you hide from me. Kinda heavy ballad like White Snake
Peak in sub-genre #86 1
Being single and waiting for her to make a move, and how's that working for you ?
Peak in sub-genre #74
Message to girl, I'll take you back
Peak in sub-genre #45 2
Rocker about getting let down easy with a lie.
Peak in sub-genre #42
Lush ballad, kinda Robert Plant like maybe.
#77 (Sub-genre) 1
Young man remembering high school friend who went off the Hollywood to become a star.
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