Dwight Lakey
Acoustic Danville VT, VT  USA http://myspace.com/dwightlakey
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Vermont singer/songwriter; transplanted from the plains of Colorado forty years ago.
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#61 (Sub-genre) 5 1
They're bull nuts in disguise.
Peak position #88 1
Dedicated to those friends and family members who've been "torpedoed by a bottle;" some survived, some did not, some may not...
Peak position #56
Cash is a Cruel King; Long Live the King!
Peak position #19 1 1
Head Cold Blues, we've all had 'em...
Peak position #74
Cafe Cowboy...lookin' for a Drugstore Queen
Peak position #100
Er, uh...Go Huskers!!
Peak in sub-genre #4
Wedding gift to Gabe & Kathleen; written June of 2010.
#47 (Sub-genre)
I'm a 5th-Generation Coloradoan who left, 40 years ago, and can't move back; this one's tough to share.
Peak position #48
A tribute to my dear old boss, Max Kruger, and his brother Ern.
Peak position #31 1 2
With your artificial rack, you don't fool me with your artificial tears!
Peak position #26
My Mama Bakes a Cake, made from scratch with love.
Peak in sub-genre #18 1
Maybe 'The Law' is there to help us after all. Moral: Never Trust a Man with His Hand Down His Pants!
Peak in sub-genre #8
When The Man tries to ride you like a mule, you've got to Buck The System!
Peak position #23 1 1
A Brian Wilson/Edward Abbey loner reflects on lost love somewhere on the prairie...
Peak position #48
Some jobs just continue to grow; feels like you're half-way done, two-thirds to go.
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