Low Standards
Blues Kingston, PA  USA
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Peak position #5
Peak position #62
Telecaster into Princeton model on Fender Mustang III.
Peak position #14
Carvin DC-127 into Garageband
Peak position #19
Xaviere Telecaster straight into Garageband-Blackface Twin model amp.
Peak in sub-genre #45
My first shot at recording a melody track over the backing track supplied by TDPRI user "Hoodie McFoodie". I used my Telecaster straight into Garageband (simulating a silverface Fender amp).
Peak position #28
The second backing track of the month from TDPRI. Chord sequence is G C for 8 bars, then 2 bars of Am D then 8 bars of G followed by 2 of Am D, then repeat.
Peak position #16
My crack at the July Jam on TDPRI.com.
Brief sample of the Marshall Fifty Split Reverb by itself, then with stereo chorus via a VAMP-2 through a Vox Pathfinder 15 and a Behringer GM-110
Peak position #16
Just a brief excerpt of a longer noodling session. Backing track was created by JJP68 at SoundCloud: (https://soundcloud.com/burninginstereo/psychedelic-blues-backing). Thanks for the inspiration!
This is my Vox Pathfinder 15r. First I am playing it through the built in 8" speaker. Midway through I add the 10" speaker of my Behringer GM110. I send the signal to the GM's power amp using the line out of the Vox. The sound is much fuller.
Peak position #100
Some quick noodling in Open D on my new Silver Creek T-160. The guitar sounds pretty good, especially for $150.
Peak position #45
This is a simple blues (played over a backing track). My guitar is on the right channel. The first two choruses are played with the GFS Lil'Puncher Cool Vintage model tapped (single coil) and the rest is played with the pickup as a humbucker.
This is my Stinger guitar after being upgraded with GFS pickups. It is a quick cycle between the Lil' Puncher, both pickups and the Mean 90.
This is me cycling quickly from neck, to middle to bridge on the original pickups that came from the Korean factory in the 1980's. I'm playing direct into my VAMP-2.
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