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#46 (Main)
Acoustic slide medley
Peak position #9
Another one from Thommo and myself.
#26 (Sub-genre)
This is just a long noodle (clams, lost plot and all) as an exercise in Dorian mode. The guitar is tuned open E, the mode is F# Dorian
#58 (Sub-genre)
Just another old recording, played lap style, I think
Found while sorting through some old files. Inspired by the Kelly Joe Phelps version, of which I think it is only the merest shadow
Peak position #30
An early Bakelite Blues Band recording. Gail Jones doing nice vocals, Tony King with tasteful electric bits, Marc Morain with equally tasteful bass. Me doing a Fred McDowell knockoff on reso
Peak position #24
Just me and the Bakelite Blues Band having fun at a practice. The band is: Gail Jones, vocals Mike Jones, vocals, blues harp Tony King, vocals, electric guitar Marc Morain, bass, vocals Me, acoustic guitar
Another song from Slow Mojo, me playing acoustic guitar. Please visit their site:
Peak position #42
Another "Freight Train" song, Thommo singing and blues harp, me on guitar.
Peak position #52
Peak in sub-genre #17
Another from "Freight Train" - Thommo and myself
Peak position #43 1
Another "Freight Train" song, Thommo and me
Peak position #51
Another from Thommo and me.
Peak position #72
Another from Thommo and me
Peak position #26
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