Alternative Athens, Greece
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jamming with "George Duke" using the NI "GEORGE DUKE SOUL TREASURES"
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One guitar, one keyborad player...Blues for 2
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Peak in sub-genre #30
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Peak in sub-genre #33
Using Sandur Samples
Peak in sub-genre #63
Testing Voices Apple Jam Pack
Peak in sub-genre #26
Midi Guitars and Apple Jam Pack sounds
Peak in sub-genre #44
Testing My Tele And Tech21 California
Peak in sub-genre #39
A smooth jazz song
Peak position #76
Apple JAm Pack Voices and my Tele Fishman Bridge
Peak in sub-genre #78
My 1st effort to work with lyrics On line collaboration with
Peak position #49
testing my Fishman Tele Bridge and my Fishman Blend Acoustic
Peak position #97
Impro in a drum midi file
Peak position #52
A tribute to Carlos (Santana) a joke of course...
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