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This won't even fit in the title bar so I won't bother trying to make it fit in there. Unsigned pop, dance and industrial...ish artist, game and film soundtrack
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Instrumental of Hiding from the Moon (but afraid of the Dark).
Aww, feck, English guy with a bad accent rapping. A kind of dark hip-hop theme that, for some awful reason, I decided to put a kind of spoken poem over.
A bit of a dramatic instrumental. Once again, meant for lyrics, haven't written them yet...
Oriental-inspired instrumental with a few complex melodies.
Techno-ish action track with alot of percussive elements.
Exactly what it says on the tin. (Film score style)
A little stereotypical horror thing.
Peak in sub-genre #94
2009 version of Twilight
Piano and synth chilled ambience.
Synthy percussion ambience with some orchestral influences.
A bit of a techno-style, mildly actiony piece.
Light ambient with a nice distorted drum beat.
My second generic ambience track.
The first of my short, generic ambience pieces. Just a little something I do when I'm in a paticularly... ambient mood.
A rather sad one, unfortunately. This is a bit of an experimental track for me, kind of mixing pop, orchestral and industrial into one song. I was thinking of adding a lyric soon but I'm not too sure, now.
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