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This is an experiment and a rehearsal of sorts. An experiment to compare recording the aeolian harp acoustically and magnetically through guitar pick-ups (right and left channels respectively). A rehearsal to develop bowing technique for the n
Peak in sub-genre #41
Gentle sort of pulsing, shame about the mp3 artefacts
Peak in sub-genre #50 1
Some ambience from outside my home this morning
Peak position #26
This is a bit different. There's been a bit of wind and the wires quickly hit the higher notes. So I tried a bit of hands-on manipulation and found I could mute or create different harmonics and tones
Peak in sub-genre #58
Peak in sub-genre #38
Peak in sub-genre #49
The wires singing as a thunderstorm approaches
Peak in sub-genre #44
The first 6:40mins are sweet, a soothing pulsing. Amongst the nicest sounds I've heard on the wires. Then there's a little glitch as I disengaged the Pad and it starts to build up again.
Peak in sub-genre #31
Good example of the wires swelling to a pulsing fury and then easing back again. A highlight is the freaky sounding gallahs!
Peak in sub-genre #38 1
The rain provides a nice effect, you can hear it hitting the wires and the polystyrene amplifier
Peak in sub-genre #47
Peak in sub-genre #35
Not much to recommend this recording except as a counterpoint to the others. This is the sound of the wires at their utmost humming from a westerly wind at sunset. (Usually the best sounds come when the wind is from the east or northeast.)
Peak in sub-genre #69
This remix was an attempt to recreate the song the wires play at dawn, using samples of the wires and other sources with a healthy helping of Ohmboyz delay
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