Sebastian Breitenbach
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Dark, imperial, evil orchestral Soundtrack. Enjoy the destruction.
Peak in sub-genre #29 1
A comedic-in-nature orchestral movie score, displaying the joys of spring and featuring a Woodblock Solo! (yay!)
Peak in sub-genre #37 4 3
A dark ambient piece, evoking images of alien ambushs in dark corridors.
Peak position #94 2 1
An aggressive orchestral piece, using a lot of staccato.
Peak position #68 1
Classical Soundtrack composed in a clustery style, not always tonal.
Peak position #31 1
A baroque flute sonata in the style of C.P.E. Bach. 00:00-02:13 Un poco allegro, 02:16-06:10 Adagio, 06:13-08:22 Andante con moto. In Werckmeister III temperament, and A=415 Hz!
Peak in sub-genre #10 1
A renaissance/baroque piece, actually following the notation rules of the mensural notation. For Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon and 2 Lutes (doubleing Soprano and Altus)
Peak position #22 6 2
A slow dark, haunting jazz piece with incredible voice, rhodes, bass and add. guitar. Collaboration with Ralph Atkinson, providing a real beautiful lyrical concept.
Peak position #92 3 2
Very Epic Hollywoodstyle Gamescore.
Peak in sub-genre #54 1
A melancholic piano piece in classical/early romantic style. Soft melodies, steady bass figuration.
Peak in sub-genre #14
A counterpoint exercise written by me, played by my buddy Ralf-Daniel Wirth on heavy distorted guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #77 1 1
High energy chase/film music. Featuring electronics and detuned heavy guitars
Peak in sub-genre #29
Gamelan-like piece, used the Sldro Scale for the Gamelan Instruments (not the strings). It's neither authentic nor intended to, but i somehow like it.
Peak position #97 1 1
A nice jazzy piece for piano, bass, 2 Trumpets (mute), one Trombone, and a Bass Trombone (mute). It's got a slow A part and a faster B part.
Peak position #95 2 1
A quite bass-centered smooth Jazz pierce with a nice Rhodes.
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