The Penguin And The Platypus
Electronic Ludington, MI  USA
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Weird, tripped out, funny, silly, strange, scary, vocal, electronic, new, different, special, angry, purpleish grey, funked out deathtrip hatred poured over you
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Peak in sub-genre #13
Here we kept to the old formula of weirdness, but also added some computer sounds and we tried out a new tactic, layering the sounds and voices so thickly that something new pops out every time you hear it.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Where to start, this song may very well be the weirdest, we not only focused on how the things we were saying sounded but also on connecting the words together to make a sort of ongoing sense, well sort of. also we used a lot of strange sounds and sp
This song sounds like a death march from the back of Charles Manson's head.
This was the first one, the sounds are exclusively vocal, made almost all by Kevin and I and featuring the unwitting talents of a few confused friends.
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