Rock Windtryst Farm, PA  USA
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AuDioChosis The first sign that somethings going to happen, itz the voices.....
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Peak position #90
Sighed The Snake . Recording my friend Al Beavens cover of this song. Unknown original author, so it is a cover song.
Peak position #34
Sweetly Drifting Sirens Calling
Remains of an Afternoons Conversation Words Long Remembered Windtryst Farm
Luna'z Visit The Riddle and The Music Box Afternoon Visit's Remains; 6.29.2015
Peak position #39 1
An Afternoons Remains . An Afternoon's Memory with Liberian Luna If I remember correctly, She worked for the fine library, Located in Altoona, A Short Jaunt from Windtryst Farm
Peak position #60 2
Afternoon Ambient Melody 06.29.2015
Peak position #24 1 1
Shifting the Curtis Magnetic Field
Peak position #3
Visitors commute through a deep winters night ... From time to time ..... the desert of darkness Allows for passage, undetected . . . .
Peak position #2 3 3
Gray November day, As a child peddles a bicycle, Determined to get back home. Mother rocks her rocking chair, Trying to reach back to yesterday.
Peak position #22 1 1
Ambient Experimental Piece composed November 2017 from material previously recorded at 474 Windtryst Farm State College Pa.
Peak position #26 1
Memories from Windtryst Farm 40.8498889, -77.8697222,277
Peak position #12
Background track for Story Telling during Halloween
Peak position #64
Guitar Jam
Peak position #3 1 1
Privilege - A Place Where Crime is Legal
Peak in sub-genre #12 3 3
Invisible Picture Show. Memory Stain.
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