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ME PHI ME - The ONE Man Hip-Hop Fraternity of true alternative rap music is from Flint, Michigan but produced by Chicago auteur, Chris Cuben. With an eclectic s
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www.MePhi.Me | The master of folk-rap brings Tha Funk -- spaced-out and ultra-groovy to inspire Positivity in every Individual.
Album: Opus No. 3 in A-Sharp Minor Peak position #91 5 | Submitted for your consideration: Imagine a true ghetto Rod Serling hosting the wild funk fantasy of a barely contained schizophrenic who is lost in a bizarre world where up is down, black is white, and every new day is so much
Peak position #4 5 2 | Lush 12-string acoustic guitars anchor an eclectic fusion of folk over hip-hop. Inspirational lyrics powerfully complete this oddly symphonic tour-de-force.
Before he was a big movie star, Morgan Freeman was on a kids show called 'The Electric Company'.
Peak position #3 1
Hear Michael Franks sing backgrounds on a beautifully austere Andress/Montgomery-styled remix feat. brilliant Nashville guitarist Roland Gresham. Produced by Chris Cuben.
Album: Opus No. 3 in A-Sharp Minor Peak in sub-genre #9 3 | Like a rusty razor blade slicing thru a brick of lies -- at once dead quiet then sociopathically insane, listen to this super loud but please take your meds first -- so nobody gets hurt. Produced by Cee Tha Wizzard
Peak position #36 3 | Bop gun bout to blow yo mind. Here with the Phillies, the grass is much greener. You can't get much higher when you light this fire -- just please don't leave a roach. I'm starving!
Album: The Second, Coming #33 (Sub-genre) 5 | Ouch. Truth hurts. Imagine Kool & the Gang had a baby w/ Bob Marley that was raised by Pearl Jam. This song is best enjoyed butt-naked curled up in the dark covered in warm cherry Jell-O or however else you might best simulate a
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