Bryan Gunsher
Rock Alta, CA  USA
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Bryan Gunsher
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Peak position #51
A short jazzy type of tune with mandolin. I used the new BG Pups Mandolin Pickup to capture the Mandolin. This pickup is a removable Piezo based transducer that is produced to get the most natural acoustic sound from your instrument.
Peak position #96
This is a clip of the new BGPups Acoustic Guitar Pickup. This is an external removable pickup. I played a Seagull guitar into a Fishman pre amp into an Mbox 2 into Samplitude. No effects or pluggins used.
Peak position #97
Here's another clip of the new BG Pups Mandolin Pickup. I recorded this by plugging the mandolin right into an MBox 2 and recorded with Samplitude. Then converted to mp3. No plugins or effects were used.
Peak position #26
This is a demo of BG Pups new piezo mandolin pickup. This was recorded straight in to Record from an MBOX2. No edits or effects added. Just the mandolin straight to the hard drive.
Peak position #7 1
Groovy little tune with catchy lyrics.
Peak position #32
A funky hard rock instrumental with a moving groove.
Peak position #53
An up beat groovy tune that talks about how we treat our environment and Earth.
Peak position #38
A groove driven rock instrumental.
Peak position #48
A song about snowboarding. Recording on an Asus Netbook with PTLE.
Peak position #30
A haunting instrumental written, recorded, mixed and mastered with ProTools LE running on an ASUS Netbook. This tune uses a 2007 Gibson Melody Maker with BG Pups MM90s. The bass is a Warwick Corvette Standard 5 string. Tones come from a POD XT Live.
Peak in sub-genre #50
A Funky Hard Rock instrumental
Peak position #31
An airy bass and drum groove with a few guitars.
Peak position #23
Funky, bluesy rock tune.
Peak in sub-genre #86
Peak in sub-genre #28
A rockin jam featuring a 1961 Gibson Melody Maker.
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