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Instrumentals Manitou Springs, CO  USA
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One guy playing piano/E.P. with occasional help from some sequenced drums, horns and other parts.
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Peak in sub-genre #94
Solo piano work in progress.
7/8 Jazz Groove
Quickie demo of 3 in the time of 5 16ths figure I was trying to notate from an improvisation.
Peak position #28
Solo Piano/E.P Hybrid Instrumental
Work in progress #1728. Just a teaser.
Peak in sub-genre #73
Having a little fun with the drum pattern from Seth Perlsteins's Drum Production Master Class videos on
Peak in sub-genre #32 1
Solo piano piece with an uplifting, optimistic feel. Not actually a pure acoustic piano sound, but fits best in this genre.
Peak position #98
Turn on the multi-tap delay, hit a few notes on the electric piano, and stand back!
Peak in sub-genre #24
Up-tempo but relaxing synthesized, finger-picked steel-string instrumental. Try it; you'll like it!
Peak in sub-genre #13
Solo Piano/E.P. piece composed the night before I had to put my 14-year old Husky, Jessie, to "sleep".
Peak position #6
Meditative, improvised solo piano/E.P. piece inspired by Randy Weston's "Blue Moses" album of 1972 which used some exotic scale modes, and included a cut titled "Night in Medina."
Smooth, up-tempo, synthesized fusion.
A smooth jazz groove featuring Kenny Wilson, Ed McGlaughlin, and Dave Baay
Peak position #83
Transcribed from the soundtrack for the movie "Awakenings".
One of the first things I recorded digitally - c. 1999. All parts played live into Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, initally as MIDI, cleaned up, played back on Roland RD-300S and D-110 and recorded in Pro Audio with minimal mixing.
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