Mark Hawkins
Metal Clearwater, FL  USA
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#23 (Sub-genre) 2
A song I wrote in late 2008 and remixed now for my solo metal album. Dig it.
Peak position #28
8-String Track.
#12 (Sub-genre)
Credits : Lout Flywalker - Vocals, Lyrics | Max Karon - Vocal Isolation | Mark Hawkins - All instruments/Production | Four Loko - Inspiration
#20 (Sub-genre) 1
A relaxing little track I made while in ghey emo mode today. :)
Peak in sub-genre #27 3 2
Track #2 of our new Shreddy Djent project.Vishal on drums/synth/arrangement/solos (panned left) and myself on rhythm guitars/bass/solos (panned right).Enjoy and Share!
Peak position #39 1 1
It is SHRED TIME people!I had a blast making this track with the brilliant Vishal Singh of Amogh Symphony. Me on - Rhythm Guitar riffs, Bass, Solos Vishal on - Lead guitar, Drums, more solos and mix
Peak position #20 2
Heavy ass song with bass added by my buddy A.J. Lewandowski (Cannibalistic Zombie) and extra solo by meh!
Peak position #58 1
A brutal song with lots of melody and blasting. Probably for Eating Infinity.
Peak position #51 2
Max Karon of Qapla Productions ( did the mix and drum programming. He does MASSIVE ELEPHANT DICK mixing **for dirt cheap**! shoot him a line!
Peak position #53 2
I made this song all in one day as kind of an experiment to make a song using only breakdowns. Been listening to a lot of Meshuggah lately that live DVD is killer.
#31 (Sub-genre) 1
Binary Code rerecorded for 2010 with Marshall Bridges on vox. It sounds better than ever.
Peak position #42 2
A 2010 re-recording of an old song. Many things have been updated. More shreds! More Blast beats! More Epic!
Peak position #80 1
Extra long progressive heavy shredding know, the usual.
Peak position #78 1
Max Karon took one of my old songs and remixed it and added Bass and redid the drumming as well. Sounds sick as hell, enjoy.
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