Zorknapp - Mike Lord
Rock Jersey City, NJ  USA
Thank you!
Just me and whatever I can get my hands on to play.
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A 'parody' of old psychedelia. Very goofy, done by myself and my friend Joe, back in College.
A song I wrote with Dan VanArsdale for T.O.O.L. He wrote the music for the chorus, and I wrote the rest.
First recorded demo for 'The Love Hearse' which you can hear in its full glory on this page also. I like the keyboard solo in this one.
Inspired by a phrase from the drummer of my high school band. Fun song...
Peak in sub-genre #92
The very first piece of music I ever wrote. The bass riff was on the piano, and the 'chorus' was written on bass. I'll post a T.O.O.L. version of it soon, as this one is a demo I did while in college, just for fun.
Another college era song. I like what I wrote back in those days.
I wrote this back in college, and recorded it in about 1994. I really like this song.
The first song I wrote to record something on my DAW. It's okay, but I have to decide if I want to work on it more.
This is a song that I like, but I think I have to redo the guitar part. I was going for something a bit rough, but I think it's *too* rough.
This was the last piece I recorded on my 4 track in 1999 or so. I'd like to re-record it at some point.
Written back in 1993/1994. Me on everything. Enjoy!
This was a 'love' song written with Joe M., a friend of mine from college, and recorded in 1992. We wrote it in about 20 minutes. Great fun stuff.
I wrote the 2nd verse to this in 1994, and the first verse in 2005. It's moody, I like it.
Wrote this back in college, this recording was done on a 4 track back in 1994. I play everything on it, which includes drum machine, bass, keys, guitar, and vocals.
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