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Song was written in one night. Most of our high end gear was at the studio. We used a Beringer Vamp for the guitars, and a direct signal from an Ergo dyne 5 String Bass. I used my new TC Helicon Voice Create for Vox. Simple but effective!
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This song was written about my youngest brother. He had just come out of a rather cruel happenstance.
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A simple song about projecting expectations on others, yet not being able to commit to these objectives one's self.
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I didn't write these lyrics. However, they give me the feeling of being on the road and missin' your girl, while being taunted by the flagrant poisons of the music industry.
Don't do me like Shiavo, when the day has come, to pull my life line and oxygen.
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This one's straight forward. Wake up world, or the planet will kick your ass!!!
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Kind of cryptic...but more or less about growing old.
It would be nice to have some one who loves you for you, during this short lifespan; and that's all this lil, grass-roots, dig is about.
Imagine and old woman, leaving her home...Cuba, on a small raft for America. When she gets there she walks out on to A1A. 'Where will I go from here?' she asks.
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Lovelorn. Longing. Lucid Materialsm.
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