The Circadian Rythms
Alternative Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Experimental Objectivist music
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Excerpt from the forthcoming 27-minute ambient symphony 'The Wheels of Poseidon', due for release next year
Peak in sub-genre #45
The most experimental track on the album--- features spoken excerpts from 'The Fountainhead'
Peak in sub-genre #93
Instrumental describing the nightmare of Collectivism
Peak in sub-genre #59
A song about focusing on the real virtues of man instead of our flaws
Peak in sub-genre #59
Includes a spoken fragment from the essay 'For the new intellectuals' and from 'The Fountainhead'
Peak in sub-genre #29
Includes an spoken excerpt from 'Atlas Shrugged'
Peak in sub-genre #94
The joy of living in a benevolent universe
An Objectivist prayer
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Contemplating right and wrong
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