Mark Mosher
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Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, and Soundtrack
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A dark original electronica song with driving big beats, bit-crushed high-hats, a dash of ambient texture, and tasty distorted synth leads. Checkout the rippin' synth solo at the 1:42 mark performed live from a Tenori-On matrix controller.
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Hang on to your sub-woofers kids!!! This track has a massive kick drum, sliced up rythms, and a some nasty lead synth work. This track is from the album REBOOT which is available for free or "name your price" at
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An fun electronica song filled with Theremin, flying saucers, big beats and ear candy. Will humanity Survive?
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'Stealth' is an original electronica track with driving rhythms, 'dark' distorted synths, big dynamics, a dose of guitar, some orchestral bits, and serious FX ear candy.
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A big dynamic synth bass anchors this track.
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