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Alternative Granville, OH  USA
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Peak in sub-genre #34
Wowwww. I know it's been so long since I put a song up here. It's just been so.. CRAZY. lately. Well that and I'm lazy, forgive me. :P I finished this one in a rush too.. didn't even.. listen to it before I uploaded. So forgive me if the end is all m
Peak in sub-genre #29
WOO! I'M BACK! Sorry for long wait since the last song up here.. :( :( Been lazy.. not like anyone was specifically waiting up for me to upload a new one. XD But here it is. This isn't for a project, just a random one I made for myself. It's quite my
Peak in sub-genre #43
A sad song.. for a sad day. I bit of a change from the songs for my friends video game, which i'll get back to soon I promise
Peak in sub-genre #38
A more quiet song than my recent ones.. enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #47
A 'rapid rescue' song for my friend. Only one other person understands the story behind the song name here. :P
Peak in sub-genre #42
Another song for the game's soundtrack. Not sure where to put this yet.. I'll have to ask the big boss. ;) enjoy :P
Peak in sub-genre #39
A test of the new guitar plugin I got from a friend, an entire song made from this plugin, with some addons here and there, sorry, its been so long since I posted a song, I'm still doing it, just more busy these days with my new job and such :)
Peak position #82
A 'combat' type songish for the project. A bit different than the ones I usually make, and longer. Enjoy.
Peak in sub-genre #28
A zombie type song, again. :P This time for a different friend.. enjoy it!
Peak in sub-genre #41
Another song for my OST project. Supposed to be a hero's theme.. for a main char. Enjoy.
Peak position #83 1
A revamped Version of doom.. written to be very 'scary' and a possible OST for a project. Enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #29
First song of 2008.. intended to reflect the sense of 'hope' that I'm wishing in this year. Enjoy :)
Peak in sub-genre #39
My year end song.. it describes, at least for me, how this year took its toll on me, especially near the end. Enjoy
Peak in sub-genre #45
My, uh, Christmas type song. :P Yeah, first song I uploaded in a while. Im still alive baby. :P
Peak in sub-genre #52
A sadder sounding song.. I think..maybe.. enjoy.
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