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another instrumental...hopefully it came out nice This one's for Priyamvada Singh, one of the most amazing people I've ever met (The song remains the same, PM...it does)
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Song about realization and finding your own.
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- Vocal levels have been adjusted - Listen to this one with headphones :) this one has been written with my friend Jayant Sonrexa, as an effort towards our upcoming project called "The Eccentric Phenomenon"
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Just a lil something that came to me
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tribute to alice in chains...and grunge in general.... the song is basically reminiscence
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First instrumental. takes stuff from hendrix, SRV and john mayer...
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this songs based on lakshman's experiences with the good ol' college principal and dean and the song is a hitback at college authorities in general
Demo to a new track on the drawing board...will keep updating it as it progresses
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Esther Moraes a.k.a perfidouswench helped out on the lyrics...u rock ma'am \m/
Semi-tribute to Junkyard Groove the acoustic version generated enough movement to lead to a full-scale record :)
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First attempt at alternative tuning... tuning : (bottom to top) e E A E A E ... half step down
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another love song but a lil more upbeat..
A beautiful song featuring Ramanuja mangla on vocals.
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