Bub Roberts
Rock Munich, Germany youtube.com/watch?v=uugv5n8nfQs
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Bub Roberts
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A diary of guitar music improvisation and sound demos a mixture of Mark Knopfler, Joni Mitchell, Allan Holdsworth, David Starobin, Michael Landau, Wayne Krantz
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Peak position #15 4 2
"Bub Roberts alla chitarra solista e' davvero un alter ego di Mark Knopfler"!!! (Say what, I don't think so)
#71 (Main) 6 2
Was asked to right some music for a scene in a TV cop programme where a kid gets on a train listening to some loud annoying music on headphones and a fight starts !!!
#6 (Sub-genre) 10 7
J J Hucke custom built guitar into a BOSS GT8 then Laptop with Toontracks EZline JAZZ drums.
#18 (Sub-genre) 16 9
Slime Wah Guitar Solo !!!
#93 (Sub-genre) 1 9
Every now and then a musician has a piece of music that just pops out from nowhere. MATON JBX6 Midi Guitar, 'MOST PEOPLE THAT HEAR THIS SAY THEY DON,T LIKE IT,.... THEN ASK TO HEAR IT AGAIN'
Peak position #5 24 11
Squier Deluxe Hot Rails Strat into a Mesa Boogie MK111, Palmer PGA-04, BOSS GT-5 for all the FXs. Drums EZ Drummer and Bass played on MATON JBX6 Midi Guitar.
Peak position #4 22 9
Guitar Instrumental Music. MATON JBX6 Guitar into BOSS SE-70 Multi Effects unit into the desk and recorded on cassette.!!! Bass, Drums and Synths played on MATON JBX6 Midi Guitar into an old Atari runing Cubase.
Peak position #7 7 4
2 a.m. Midi Guitar (MATON JBX6) One man band doodle triggering 8 different sounds with different velocities including drums. Total improvisation direct to cassette (Including mistakes......again)
Peak position #35 15 8
The "DUMKUDO" Overdrive pedal by TANABE.TV was used from start to finish on this track apart from sections 4:03 to 4:39 (36 seconds) All three channel modes were used. The guitar was a SQUIER DELUXE HOT RAILS STRAT and MATON JBX6 Midi Guitar for bass
Peak position #10 12 7
Peak position #57 4 2
Maton JBX6 Midi Guitar, Hardcore Bass, Korg X3, Boss GT-8 for clean pad guitar and "morphing" guitar.... Just some impro whilst working on some bass sounds.
Peak in sub-genre #16 9 7
Part of a soundtrack filmed in a large aquarium. Recorded on a Laptop with MATON JBX6 and GODIN midi guitars, BOSS GT-5 and GT-8 used for effects.
#31 (Sub-genre) 15 7
Solos 1,2 & 4 are Played on a MATON JBX6 Guitar. Solo 3 was a J J Hucke Custom Guitar. All guitar sounds come from a BOSS SE-70 direct into the desk. The Second solo has a bit of guitar synth mixed in (from the SE-70).
Peak position #14 5 2
Maton JBX6 Midi Guitar, Hardcore Bass, Korg X3, Boss GT-8 for clean pad guitar and solo guitar .... Just some impro whilst working on bass sounds.
Peak position #24 3 3
Drums, Spinning Metal Bars, Bongos Sticks and stuff. Turkish sneezing reed instrument. Korg 700 synth, double speed Eko Ranger 6 acoustic guitar, singing and sneezing recorded on 1/4 Toshiba tape deck and cassette in 1979 whilst everyone was out.
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