Dave Townsend
Rock Everett, WA  USA
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Omnivorous: Classic rock to elevator to folk-rock. Melodic ballads, instrumentals and hillbilly meth-head psychedelia. Sometimes political, but no attitude.
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Peak position #3 2
End of the World, Part 2
#31 (Sub-genre) 2
Headphones and a joint recommended
#17 (Sub-genre) 4
Beatles cover
Peak position #28
An old favorite from 1959.
Peak position #16 2 1
Cover of Bob Marley's best-loved tune.
Peak position #52
Peak position #42
#39 (Sub-genre)
Slow instrumental
Peak position #10
Hyperthesis is a word (I think) I made up. It's like a hypothesis that you've convinced yourself must be true.
Peak in sub-genre #16 1 1
Cover of an old favorite singalong tune recorded by Dobie Gray in 1973.
Peak position #78 4 2
Greeting Death with a smile and a positive attitude
Peak in sub-genre #23
Peak position #5 1
A song about an immigrant's return to her homeland.
Peak in sub-genre #60
A currently-untitled work in progress, a departure from my usual style.
Peak position #74 1
Meant to invoke medieval images with traditional instruments such as kantele and hurdy-gurdy, alongside modern guitar and bass.
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